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Property Maintenance and Code Enforcement

City staff makes every effort to work with residents and businesses to help keep properties maintained in a safe and desirable environment.  However, the City has limited resources to patrol neighborhoods looking for property maintenance or nuisance violations and therefore operates on a complaint basis.  

Common code violations include:
 - Accumulation of garbage, trash, debris, junk, etc.
 - Yard Maintenance, including long grass and weeds
 -  Junk, abandoned or inoperable vehicles

If you have a concern with a property maintenance issue or nuisance concern,  please complete the form below or call the Code Enforcement division at 651-277-5226 to further discuss the issue. Please complete all the information below as the information is required so that we can properly handle your concerns. The property address of the nuisance issue you are concerned about is essential.  Your name, address, and phone number are pertinent to the City Staff that will be handling the complaint.  This information is needed in case we should have any questions or require further clarification regarding your concerns.

Thanks for submitting!

Nuisance Property Reporting Form

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