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North Branch Industrial Park
Planning & Zoning
Reviews and makes recommendations or requests for deviation from the zoning ordinances
Enforces the zoning ordinances to ensure compliance
Reviews proposed residential and commercial development projects for compliance to the Zoning Ordinance
Makes recommendations on development projects to the City Council
Provides information concerning the zoning ordinances to residents and developers
Monitors the community's adherence to the long range land use plan

Monitors trends in metro area growth to provide better planning for the future of the City

What does the Planning & Zoning Department do?

City Code

The City Code of the City of North Branch, Minnesota

If you have a concern with a property maintenance issue or nuisance concern,  please complete the linked form or call the Code Enforcement division at 651-277-5226 to further discuss the issue.

Property Maintenance and Code Enforcement

The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to serve as a vision and roadmap for where the community is headed.

Comprehensive Plan

View videos, meeting agendas and minutes from Planning and Zoning Committee meetings.

Planning & Zoning Agenda, Minutes, Videos


The City Code of the City of North Branch, Minnesota

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